A Vendor Who Gets It

We start with the key question, "What unique technology and security challenges do you need to solve for your facility?" But beyond that, we put ourselves in your shoes, as both parties are on the same side of the table with sleeves rolled-up. We are industry specialists capable of understanding your culture and day-to-day realties because we have been there!  We understand your business. As an advisor, our job requires diagnostic skill along with a collaborative and observant focus to generate reality-based roadmaps!

Translating Plans and Ambitions

Whether you are looking for reliable hardware and maintenance or just servicing and monitoring, we would like the opportunity to translate your plans and ambitions into reality. We are a company that cares about relationships and Visionary Technology Systems (VTS) is a clear choice if you desire forthright and fair treatment and a commitment to reliability. Let us become an extension of what you do in order to differentiate your facility and/or create recurring monthly revenue (RMR) streams now and in the future. 

Apartment Alarm Maintenance, Monitoring, Servicing - Dallas Based Company 

    • Access Control Gate Repair - Dallas 

    • Intrusion Alarm Service - Dallas 

    • Intrusion Alarm Monitoring 

    • Fire Alarm Service - Dallas 

    • Fire Alarm Monitoring 

    • Elevator Phone Service - Dallas 

    • Elevator Phone Monitoring 

    • CCTV Repair - Dallas

    • Video Surveillance Repair - Dallas 

    • Emergency Devise Service 

    • Audio and Video Wiring 

    • Voice and Data Wiring 

  • Insured

  • Bondable

  • Licensed

    • Fire Alarm License # ACR-3072

    • Fire Alarm Tech License # FAL7503

    • Security Alarm License # B14166

  • Memberships

    • North Texas Alarm Association

    • Apartment Association of Great Dallas